Board Application
East Adams County Joint Comprehensive Plan
East Berlin Borough General Communications Policy
Life in Adams County
Local Services
Right To Know Information
Tax Information
Adopted 2020 Budget
Resolution 4-2020-2 – Electronic Voting (E-Mail)
Resolution No. 4-2020-3 – Amending and Supplementing the Borough of East Berlin Tax Collection Policy


Council Members & Mayor
Roberta Teal, President (2015-2019)
James LeVan, Vice President (2015-2019)
Charles Krall, President Pro-Tem (2015-2019)
Donald Dixon (2015-2019)
Jason Wood (2017-2021)
David Meixner (2017-2021)
Anne Geiger (2017-2021)
Keith Hoffman, Mayor (2017-2021)
Borough General Staff
Cindy Smith, Secretary/Treasurer
Matthew Battersby, Solicitor
KPI Technology, Engineers
Terry L. Seitz, Police Chief

Council Committees

Roberta Teal, Chairperson
Charles Krall
Jason Wood

Streets/Public Safety
Roberta Teal, Chairperson
Butch Krall
Donald Dixon

Jason Wood, Chairperson
David Meixner
Donald Dixon

Donald Dixon, Chairperson
Anne Geiger
Jason Wood

James LeVan, Chairperson
Charles Krall
Jason Wood

Anne Geiger, Chair
Dave Meixner
Jason Wood

Borough Council meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7PM at Borough Hall.

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