Borough of East Berlin


  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), District 8, is responsible for paving, striping and stormwater inlet grates on State Route 234 (King Street) and State Route 194 (Abbottstown Road/Harrisburg Street).
  • The Borough maintains all other local streets, including street cleaning, salt spreading, snow removal, and paving repair or replacement. The Borough paints crosswalks and curbs where parking is prohibited along roadways, including the two state routes.

    Contact Borough Maintenance at or call (717) 577-4846 to notify us of potholes, road hazards, flooding or other local street issues that need our attention. Maintenance and repair projects will be announced in Latest News. Residents and businesses will be notified by the Borough if projects affect access to their properties.
  • Property owners are responsible for the repair and replacement of curbs and sidewalks in front of their properties.
  • Property owners are required to clear a 2-foot-wide path along their sidewalks within 24 hours after snow stops falling. Pet-friendly ice melt is recommended.
  • Property owners are required to keep gutters in front of their properties free from obstructions, including weeds, that would impede stormwater flow.
  • Property owners are required to maintain trees on their property so that there is a clearance of no less than (16) sixteen feet over the surface of the sidewalk, and so that tree branches do not obstruct street lighting or interfere with overhead wiring or proper maintenance of public utilities.
  • It is Pennsylvania state law that vehicles must stop for pedestrians at every intersection, with or without a marked crosswalk. Please be cautious at all intersections as you drive around and through our community.
  • Pennsylvania State Route 234 is designated Bike Route S. Be cautious if you are riding a bike on this route and around town. Drivers, please give them safe distance. Share the road!

Borough Office

128 Water St
East Berlin, PA 17316

Borough Office: 717-259-9224

Hours: By Appointment

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